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About Us


The Sinister Story

I live in a house full of nerds. We go to every Comic Con, Horror Con, Sci-fi Expo, or Steampunk Event we can cram into our schedule. Give us a room full of like-minded wonks who understand vague pop culture references and we’re most at home. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

Sinister Footwear (yes, that is a Frank Zappa reference) is an idea that began as an off-handed comment made in our hot tub. “We go to all of these cons anyway; we might as well become a vendor”. After some extensive market research –and by that, I mean burgers and beer at our local pub—it was decided that socks were the way for us to go. As it happens, things have worked out.

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In The's all for the fun!

We love meeting people, having silly laughs, and making memories. There are few things that make us smile more than when someone picks up a pair of socks that brings them to a special place in their memory. After all, that’s what all this is about.

So, if you see our booth at an event, please come say hi. We’d love to meet you. Remember, life is too short for boring socks!

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